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Working as a Sporting Director: our new book chapter – available here

The book “Science and Soccer: Developing Elite Performers” has been published recently and the final chapter is focused on the realities of working as a Sporting Director.

Our chapter brings together research on the evolution of the Sporting Director role, the challenges they face and what can be done within the football industry to realise a competitive edge through this innovation and strategy.

This research features Dan Ashworth (Newcastle United FC) and Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, AKA Monchi (Sevilla FC). Importantly, this research is wrote in collaboration with trusted football leaders and members of the Association of Sporting Directors, as we aim to enhance knowledge exchange, problem solving and best practice in the football industry.

Chapter 25. Working as a Sporting Director

Authors: Daniel Parnell, Rebecca Caplehorn, Kevin Thelwell, Tony Asghar and Mark Batey

Please find the chapter below – please note that this is a draft version of the chapter and for members viewing only:

Parnell et al 2023

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Daniel Parnell
25 June 2023

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