Meet the Association of Sporting Directors team and learn more about their work and roles with the association. The team consists of three Managing Directors, an Operations Committee and Technical Committee.

Managing Directors: Dr Daniel Parnell, Alistair Milner & Haydn Roberts

Operations Committee: Professor Ian McHale, Stuart Swift, Laura McCallum, Professor Barry Drust, Dr Paul Widdop, Dr Rob Wilson, Joel Roberts (MSD), Mike Rigg, Dr Daniel Parnell, Jordan Mornington, Alistair Milner & Haydn Roberts.

Technical Committee: Nick Hammond, Ross Wilson & Mike Rigg.

Daniel P

Dr Dan Parnell – Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer

Alistair M

Alistair Milner – Managing Director

Haydn R

Haydn Roberts – Managing Director

Ian M

Professor Ian McHale – Data & Insight

Mike R

Mike Rigg – Technical Committee

Nick H

Nick Hammond – Technical Committee

Ross W (1)

Ross Wilson – Technical Committee

Stu S

Stu Swift – Professional Development

Laura M

Laura McCallum – Governance & Regulatory

Jordan M

Jordan Mornington – Operations Committee

Barry D

Professor Barry Drust – Performance, Research & Education

Rob W

Dr Rob Wilson Research & Knowledge Exchange

Paul W

Dr Paul Widdop Research & Knowledge Exchange

Joel R

Joel Roberts (MSD) – Professional Development