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Association of Sporting Directors

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What We Do

Our membership network provides pioneering Sporting Directors with the opportunity to connect with other leaders in the global football industry.



Our members create a working community of practice and provide support, connections and development opportunities.

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Continued Professional Development

We are committed to ensuring members are able to access opportunities to assist in their personal development, job role and career.

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Member Support

We want to support members to make the best decisions in their role. Offering advice from personal development to recruitment.

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Education Support

Our academic and industry experts have a deep and rich understanding of the sector to provide inclusive, accessible and world-leading education.

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We have a partnership with a world leading executive search agency and access to a global talent pool.

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Our Partners

Trusted by global brands within the sport sector.

Our Goals

Enabling the sport leaders to work in a simpler smarter way.

We work with sporting directors to help build a community of practice to build the skills and capabilities essential for the clubs future. We support members through an executive programme of activities to enhance their professional development. Our focus is to help sporting directors work in a simpler, smarter way.


Here at ASD, we promise to be open, honest, ethical and fair.


Our reputation is built on trust and we are committed to sticking to our word and continue to look after our members.

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Passion and drive

Each member of our team shares an enthusiasm to make a positive impact on the sports industry. 

We are driven to continuously move forward, innovate and improve.


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Future focused

We anticipate and analyse the challenges and opportunities on the horizon.


The sporting industry is ever changing and ASD are devoted to being at the forefront of any alteration that will affect your role as a sporting director.

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Custodian culture

We are committed to helping people leave our game in a better place.


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We strive to be research and expert informed in our practice.


Thus allowing confidence in our work as well as providing sporting directors with a field of knowledge at their fingertips.

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