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Looking For A New Opportunity

Hi all, with permission from the ASD team, I’m posting my CV as I look for a new opportunity.

For the past year I’ve been working as the Head of Football for a group who own two teams in the Canadian Premier League, with ambitions to expand into a multi-club network. Aside from acting as Sporting Director for the two clubs, my role has seen me source and audit multiple European clubs in the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and France. I was recently informed the financial situation with the group’s lead investors was less than favourable, and as a result the multi-club ambitions have been abandoned and I’ve been made redundant.

My background is in analysis, and I’ve used this skill set in a wide range of roles in player recruitment to strategic decision-making to individual player development. I recently built an industry-leading Individual Player Development & Analysis course, which has been used by staff at clubs clubs including Southampton, Benfica, Juventus, West Ham, Chelsea, Liverpool & Arsenal.

My CV expands on my journey, but here are a few links to my Linkedin page, plus some public focus pieces on some aspects of my career.

I’m originally from Sheffield, England and had been planning to move home with my wife and kids as the multi-club group expanded into Europe. I’m open to anything that may be a good fit in the UK or North America for my background and skill set, including short-term consultancy. If you feel somebody in your network may want to chat with me, it would be much appreciated if you could pass on my details to them.

Email – [email protected]
Phone – +1 647 205 7885

Thank you.

Oliver Gage

Oliver Gage CV

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Oliver Gage
28 July 2023

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