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Gareth Jennings and Philip Zimmermann delivered a workshop on – “Leading in a Global Environment”

In May 2021 Gareth Jennings and Philip Zimmermann joined us to deliver a workshop on – “Leading in a Global Environment”.

Ahead of the workshop, this article on the below link highlights 8 types of leaders (also see the attachment) – Gareth and Philip highly encourage you to read it before we join up – see here.

In relation to this, within the session, members were asked; What type of leader are you, and to provide some feedback on why you think you are this type of leader.

The interactive workshop aimed covered, however we did not get through it all. We will re-arrange a further follow-up in the future:

  • Introduction: FIFA & What type of Leader are you?
  • High Performing Teams (Collaborative Cultures)
  • Agile Leadership (become agile tomorrow)
  • Global Culture (knowing your audience: Players/Staff/Environment)
  • Consolidation (FIFA Growing Professionally Framework)

A recorded extract from the session can be found below:

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