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Workshop on Negotiation as part of the Association of Sporting Directors Global Programme


Daniel Parnell

1 Min Read

Mar 20 2022

As part of the Association of Sporting Directors Global Programme we hosted a workshop on negotiation. Below is the pre-learning, slide presentations and recorded content from the session, which was hosted on Thursday 17th March 2022.

Here was the line-up and running order for our session on negotiation:

– Welcome and introduction – Joel Roberts, MSD, ASD

– ‘Negotiating Under Pressure’, Detective Chief Inspector Rachel Wilson, Senior Investigating Officer & Hostage & Crisis Negotiator, Merseyside Police. View the slides here.

– ‘Essentials of Negotiation’, Chris Hornbuckle, Total Negotiation Group 

– ‘Negotiating Investment’ – Lessons Learned’, Tal Brown, Zone7 

– ‘Reviewing our learning’ – Dr Dan Parnell, ASD.

– ‘Navigating Conflict’ – Zack Taylor and Gasper Bergman, BergmanTaylor. View slides here.



  • Chris Voss interview on the High Performance Podcast – listen here
  • Dan Hughes on how transfer negotiations happen – watch here
  • The Real World Negotiation Podcast (three episodes) – listen here
  • Rules of the Game: Negotiation – listen here
  • TedTalk on the Art of Negotiation by Maria Ploumaki – watch here

You can watch the full recording here with the usual password:


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