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Teamworks and the Association of Sporting Directors Announce a New Partnership


Daniel Parnell

3 Min Read

Jun 22 2024

[June, 2024] Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports™, and the Association of Sporting Directors, an organisation that supports, connects and develops sporting directors, are pleased to announce their partnership.

Teamworks is home to best-in-class products for each stage of the player lifecycle. It’s ONE complete solution that connects, focuses, and empowers support staff and players to drive team performance. Today, more than 6,500 teams from across the globe trust Teamworks as their Operating System, including 90% of  EPL clubs, 97% of the NFL and 80% of the NBA.

“Our members demand we bring only the best people, products and services into our association, and after consultation with world-leading sporting directors within our technical committee, we are delighted to welcome Teamworks as a partner. We are excited about the value Teamworks will add to our purpose of serving sporting directors globally and in-turn help deliver positive change for our members and the broader football industry.” Daniel Parnell, CEO,  Association of Sporting Directors.

“It’s really exciting to hear about this partnership. Teamworks is constantly looking to innovate and bring best-in-class solutions into their ecosystem to solve our day-to-day challenges. They help to connect our departments, enabling them to meet their needs, so being able to learn from each other and work closely can only bring positive things. At Norwich City FC we have been working with Teamworks for almost three years now, and we are excited about what the future holds.” Ben Knapper, Sporting Director, Norwich City.

“As a global company at the cutting edge of technology in elite sport we seek to partner with leading and credible associations from across the globe, and from our first engagement with Daniel it was clear that both the objectives of the Association and Teamworks were aligned.

Sporting Directors operate at a strategic level within clubs and they see not only the value of technology in delivering for different departments but also the importance of a joined up, integrated and one system approach.

We look forward to learning from the Association and its members to further influence how we evolve and also to help with many of the challenges that clubs face when it comes to performing better consistently.” Gareth Quinn, Teamworks General Manager, EMEA.

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