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Strategic alliance to enhance the implementation and success of the Sporting Director role globally

[June 2024] Elevate Talent is a talent advisory business with a track record of supporting Sports organisations around the world with the identification, recruitment and ongoing support of technical leaders. For over a decade they have been working with Clubs and Member Associations on the appointment of Sporting Directors and technical experts across all elite sport functions.

“This strategic alliance is the culmination of almost a decade of exploration, research and collaboration, and is a direct response to the need to engage, inform and inspire change in the football industry through more effective and successful implementation of the Sporting Director role. We are committed to enhancing the talent pool of Sporting Directors and ensuring talent gets an opportunity for the very top roles in the game. Combining Elevate Talent’s track record with the Association’s education infrastructure and global network, we offer a genuine opportunity to help identify the right people, for the right job, at the right time for owners and investors” 

Dr Daniel Parnell, CEO,  Association of Sporting Directors.

“LAFC recently partnered with Elevate Talent on the appointment of a Technical Director to help lead across the Club’s soccer department. Elevate Talent have a unique partnership with the Association of Sporting Directors and this enabled the Club to run a rigorous recruitment process and access the global talent pool. Alistair Milner, Elevate Talent’s lead Partner for elite performance appointments, provided a consistently professional experience for all candidates and ultimately supported the Club to make a successful appointment.”

John Thorrington – Co-President and General Manager – LAFC

“I have been supporting the Sporting Director community for the last 10 years in partnership with the Association of Sporting Directors. This has provided a unique insight into how the role has evolved, how different organisations design the role to best service their objectives and created a world-wide network of expert practitioners. I’m delighted to lead on the partnership with the Association of Sporting Directors and look forward to continuing to support the Sporting Director community.” 

Elevate Talent – Alistair Milner (Partner – Elite Sport)


Elevate Talent and the Association of Sporting Directors are working in partnership to support, develop and connect the global Sporting Director community. This includes global conferences, strategic networking events, knowledge exchange opportunities through ASDX, education and executive level continuous professional development opportunities for members.


To learn more about the strategic alliance contact Dr Daniel Parnell and Alistair Milner directly: 

[email protected]

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