Professor Barry Drust

Barry provides leadership within the Association of Sporting Directors for performance and sport science, alongside providing members with support aligned with research and education.

Barry is an Industrial Professorial Fellow at The University of Birmingham.  He is an experienced academic specialising in the area of sports performance.  He has a particular interest in the development, preparation and performance of elite footballers.   He has published over 130 peer reviewed research articles and is invited regularly to speak at national and international conferences.  Barry is also interested in the development of individuals working with scientists and industry practitioners to develop skills associated with problem solving and critical thinking.  He has successfully supervised around 35 doctorates using both traditional science based models and more contemporary applied practice based strategies.  Over a period of 20 years Barry has also been involved in providing scientific support and expert consultancy services to elite football organisations.  These include roles within teams within the English Premier League, Scottish Premiership and national football associations. Connect with Barry and find him on Twitter @BARRYD22