Members Code of Conduct

The Association of Sporting Directors – Members Code of Conduct

August 2018

Recognising, supporting and promoting excellence and professionalism within the roles of Sporting Directors and Player Recruitment staff at professional football clubs.

The aim of this Code of Conduct is to enable members to demonstrate their commitment to best practice, integrity, confidentiality and fairness in dealing with their fellow Association of Sporting Directors (ASD) members and the ASD management board. It is designed to enhance the operation, image and reputation of the key professions within the technical staff of professional football.

  1. Rule 1- GENERAL
    • Members shall at all times act in the best interests of the role of Sporting Director and will not act in any way likely to bring their profession or the wider game into disrepute.
    • Members’ conduct is to to be regulated in accordance with this Code of Conduct and support is offered to all members in order to achieve compliance with these standards.


  1. Rule 2- HONESTY
    • Members will act honestly in all dealings with the ASD and their fellow ASD members.
    • Members shall not knowingly make false or inaccurate statements, mislead or otherwise allow those with whom it deals to operate with a false impression.


    • Members will ensure that all personal information is held and processed in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR.
    • Members will ensure that before they pass on any personal details relating to the ASD or a fellow member, they will first gain full permission.


  1. Rule 4 – DIVERSITY
    • Members shall champion equality and diversity and shall not discriminate against anyone. Members shall adhere to all aspects of applicable human rights and equality.
    • Members shall not act in any way which breaches the applicable law or regulation relating to discrimination.
    • Members will treat all others with dignity and respect and establish working practices which safeguard against unlawful or unethical discrimination.


    • The ASD and its members will adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality. All information discussed during all ASD events and publications is protected by ‘Chatham House Rules’ and is not to be shared or used externally unless formal permission is sought and granted.


  1. Rule 6 – COMPLAINTS
    • Any complaint that a member has should be escalated to Daniel Parnell. It shall be dealt with in the utmost speed, seriousness and fairness.
    • In the event a complaint is made about a members conduct, that member shall co-operate fully with any investigation.
    • Should any member be found to have fundamentally breached this code of conduct or a complaint be upheld in relation to adherence, the ASD reserves the right to terminate that members’ membership with immediate effect.
    • In any such decision to suspend or terminate membership, the ASD shall act in good faith and in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.