Equality and Diversity Policy

The Association of Sporting Directors – Equality and Diversity Policy

August 2018

  1. Equality and Diversity Statement
  •  As a forward looking organisation, the Association of Sporting Directors (ASD) recognises the positive benefits of the implementation of an Equal Opportunities policy.
  • The ASD strives to create a culture in which diversity and equality are promoted actively and in which unlawful bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimisation is not tolerated.
  • The ASD are committed to the elimination of all forms of discrimination and harassment within its organisation, in relation to its management board, its members and its guest contributors or future partners. The ASD strives to achieve the following:
  • Equality for all in terms of its members and advancement regardless of age, ethnic origin, gender identity, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Individuals are treated in a fair, equitable and consistent manner.
  • Understanding how valuing diversity can improve our ability to achieve a positive membership group as a whole.
  • The contents of this policy apply to all ASD staff, management and members. Its contents is always available to these groups.


  1. Aims of The ASD in terms of Equality and Diversity

 The aims of the ASD in terms of Equality and Diversity shall be:

  • To promote equality.
  • To promote good relations between all members.
  • Eliminate unlawful bullying, harassment, discrimination & victimisation.
  • Create a positive environment for all members and guests.
  • To create an appropriate process by which complaints can be considered and addressed.
    • The contents of this policy will be implemented within ASD procedures.


  1. Membership responsibilities in terms of Equality and Diversity
  • To implement and adhere to this policy during all ASD events and communications.
  • To generally support this policy and promote equality & diversity.
  • Ensure that their own behaviour does not amount to discrimination, harassment, bulling or victimisation in any way.
  • All members must act in accordance with this policy.
  • Members who contravene this policy may face disciplinary action, such as suspension or revocation of their membership. This action will be investigated and formally agreed by the ASD Operations committee.


  1. Complaints and third party reporting
  • The ASD actively encourages members who feel in any way mistreated in accordance with this policy, to report these incidents and concerns to the ASD Operations committee.
  • In the same way, anyone witnessing behaviour which breaches this policy, should report this to the ASD Operations committee.


  1. Maintenance, view and relevant legislation
  •  This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis (at least every 5 years) by the ASD Operations committee.
  • Relevant legislation will be included as and when it is introduced.
  • The ASD implements this policy and the meaning of key terms in accordance with current legislation and codes of practice, including The Equalities Act (2010).