Dr Paul Widdop

Paul supports the professional development programme of the Association of Sporting Directors. He is part of the team responsible for creating and inviting high quality content and articles which are bridge the gap between research evidence and applied practice, as part of his broader knowledge exchange and research role.

Outside of this, Paul is currently a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. He works extensively on social capital and economic relationships in sport. Underlying these academic fields, his substantive research area is in the importance of place and networks.

Trained as a social statistician and with a PhD from University of Manchester, Paul has a strong background in theoretical and applied statistics, as well as network science, the later being a field where he played a pioneering role in its application in the business of  sport.

He has published widely in a variety of academic and commercial media outlets, including books, leading international academic journals and newspapers, and various blogging sites. Paul has a solid portfolio of external engagement, crossing the divide between academia, policy and industry, these include Scottish Government, Arts Council, Barclays Bank, The Football Foundation, Economic and Social Research Council, and various Economic Development Agencies.

Connect with Paul and find him on Twitter @Fire_and_Skill